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What they're saying about Rob Enderle

Thu, Feb 28, 2002; by Dave Winer.

I finally got so bored with the news I actually had something to say about Rob Enderle. If you want to get on the record about him, send me an email and I'll try to oblige.

Michael Williams: "That guy has always struck me as all hat and no cattle. Drives me nuts to see him quoted as an 'expert.' I'd be shocked if he's ever installed anything more than Windows on a laptop or written any code other than pseudo in an e-mail."

John Robb: "The guy is a carpetbagger quotemill of the worst sort. Nobody ever called him on it until today."

Joe Rotello: "Why don't we just replace him with a large switch marked OFF, and be done with it."

Assembly-line journalism 

Got a couple of emails from Enderle, unfortunately he doesn't want them on the Web. They were long. I would love to publish them. See how the mind of a quote mill works. 1300 quotes per year. I guess he counts. Anyway, he's not that interesting. I hope Cydney writes a piece about this. And I also hope she keeps developing sources who know what they're talking about and avoids assembly-line journalism.


Bonehead Enderle quotes section 

10/12/01: "I'm seeing very little demand for XP," says Rob Enderle, a research fellow with the Giga Information Group. "Considering current events, it's increasingly likely that when they actually roll out the advertising program for XP, that program will be eclipsed by whatever happens in response to [the U.S. government's decision to bomb certain targets in Afghanistan]." The quotemill didn't skip a beat.

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