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Scientology and the First Amendment

Thu, Mar 21, 2002; by Dave Winer.

I have no idea what Scientology teaches, but so far I've only heard bad things.

I'm not a big fan of religions, except I am a believer in the US Constitution, especially the First Amendment. That's almost a religious belief to me.

Today I read on Wired News that the Church of Scientology had threatened Google and Google backed down. Now a site that comments on Scientology is no longer accessible through Google. This does not bode well for the future of free speech on the Internet since Google is such an important service for finding things on the Internet.

I think I understand why Google gave in to the Scientologists. Young technology companies don't want to be run by lawyers. And, at least they let us know they did it. Someday perhaps they may not feel it's safe to even do that much.

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