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A new doctrine

Fri, Mar 28, 2003; by Dave Winer.

RumsfeldDid you listen to Rumsfeld's press conference this afternoon? Oh man. He's warning Iran and Syria to stay out of Iraq. All I could think about is what the fuck are we doing in Iraq. It's like being in someone else's house. I had this image of the people who live there just stopping in front of us with their hands on their hips and asking What the fuck are you doing in our house? Do you believe in what goes around comes around? I do. Okay, I'm really not looking forward to a bunch of Arabs showing up here. Only in this case if they want me to go with them to Washington to kick the asses of the idiots who run the joint, I'm going with them. I'll buy the beers.

Then I came up with a new doctrine. It goes like this. If you have a choice, you have no excuse going to war. You can only go to war if you have no choice. I'm sorry Dubya. Let's just put the tanks in reverse and bring the boys home. Say we're sorry and ask for forgiveness. It'll be a lot easier than playing it out. This war is just plain wrong.


THINK!Here's the deal -- we can't win the war in Iraq. Even if by some miracle we should win it militarily, our occupying force is going to be picked off by suicide bombers from all over the Middle East. It'll be like Woodstock for our enemies. Imagine, hundreds of thousands of US troops a bus ride away, and throw in some CIA and FBI, and civillians from Bechtel and Lockheed-Martin. It'll make Vietnam look like a pot party. It's time to stick the tail between the legs and get the fuck out of there folks. This doesn't smell good.

Rumsfeld says we can't write the history yet. Perhaps, but I think we're close. The US-British plan was to blow up small bits of Baghdad and fool the Iraqis into believing they had the resolve to actually fight a war. They weren't fooled. Both sides dug in, to a stalemate. Eventually the American-led force withdrew, after thousands of casualties at the hands of terrorists from all over the Middle East, leaving Iraq to be ruled by a strengthened Ba'ath Party. In the aftermath, the world lost its last remaining superpower (which was mostly a public relations idea in the end).

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